Many televised bloopers from soap operas have been shown on TV Burp . However , due to legal reasons , no Eastenders clips , bloopers or not , could be shown on TV Burp . In many episodes of seris 1 Harry Hill would say he wanted to show Eastenders bloopers but the BBC won't let me. The audience would jeer , then Harry would show them a picture of Greg Dyke and they would jeer even more .

a solutionEdit

A solution to the problem was to show parodies of Eastenders . Live plays (with some actors from Eastenders in them !) and cartoons parodying Eastenders have both been shown on TV burp . Clips from other TV shows have been shown too , where Harry would joke they were clips from Eastenders .

a visit to the BBCEdit

In one scene in series one , episode six , Harry visits the BBC headquarters . He speaks , face to face to some BBC workers, asking to show Eastenders bloopers . The workers tell Harry he can't use Eastenders bloopers , but they feel sorry for him and give him a bottle of Kronenberg wine and a twix bar .