Knitted charachter (which the creator of this page cannot spell correctly) is Harry Hills sidecick . They both have many adventures in Harry Hill's TV burp (with a capital B) and Harry Hill's real life adventures in TV land . Many fans comment that Harry seems happier when he is with knitted charachter (spelt incorrectly) . Although knitted charachter (spelt incorrectly) sees Harry as stupid and gullaible (also spelt wrong), they are still close friends . Knitted charachter (spelt incorrectly) even saved Harry from Wagbo in the end of the first half of seris 10 .

Seris 10 episode 11Edit

  • Knitted charachter (spelt incorrectly) shoots wagbo (with a capital W), before he can attack Harry , proving that he is a great friend of Harry
  • Knitted charachter (still spelt incorrectly) says that he had been trying to shoot Wagbo for all of the seris (spelt incorrectly), proving he is embarresed (also spelt incorrectly) to be friends with Harry

Harry Hill ... on holdEdit

  • Harry phones many people from history , only so knitted charachter (spelt incorrectly) cannot use the phone ,proving Harry likes to annoy knitted charachter (still spelt incorrectly)
  • knitted charachter (spelt incorrectly) calls Harry stupid and forces him to stand in a spot for a week , proving he thinks of himself as in charge of Harry