Many stories appear in Harry Hill's TV burp that are over an episode long . These are
  • The first half of seris 7 parodies the BBC 3 show Freaky Eaters .
  • The second half of seris 7 is a comedy special containing no plotlines , just jokes . Comedians ; Al Murray , Lenny Henry , Jimmy Carr , Ricky Geravis , Jeremy Kyle and Noel Fielding all appear .
  • Seris 8 parodies the TV show ...Feast . Louis Walsh and Jimmy King were both parodied many times . Harry spends the whole seris trying to mimic Eoghan Quigg .
  • Seris 9 was about Harry trying to destroy The X Factor logo in many ways , such as ; shooting it , blowing it up with dynomite and ripping it in half with his bare hands . Ghandi , and a new charachter called Mr.Funny Face both appeared many times . The seris parodies the TV show , Hole in the wall
  • Seris 8-9 were about Heather trying to save a sausage from many experiences that could kill it.
  • most episodes in seris 10 had at least one scene set in The Queen Victoria , from Eastenders . A Hobby Horse (a person dressed up as a horse . Hobby Horses appear in ; Pantomimes , Morris Dances and May Day celebrations ) would appear in this scene , signing Pop songs . These scences would usually parody the ITV sitcom , Love Thy Neighbour .
  • Brian Bello , winner of the 8th seris of Big Brother appears many times in seris 11 as Harry's humerous and friendly half - brother .